Current or new changes that are going to be introduced into the website.

  • All of the redirects or links within the website is via SSL which is secured by Cloudflare, Inc.
  • If a user is unable to access that account, either an admin can send them an password reset email or they can do it manually.
  • Anyone can register an account on the website.
  • Events can be created by only admins or raceadmins (manually assigned by admin).
  • Events have important information such as: Summaries of the events, classes that the event supports, the location and date or the event.
  • Automatically creating event pages where the events are created and automatically removed.
  • Automatically signed out after a period of time.
  • Automatically sending emails to users of the account if a IP or huge location change with a notice stating that they need their password to be reset.
  • Able to create a car class on the user's account.
  • Users can book into an event that has been created.
  • Admins having the ability to download a list of users that have booked into said event using the desired formats.
  • Users can view who has booked into the meeting (limited information).
  • Users can view the meetings that they have entered, and what car they have entered with.
  • More information provided to users about what junior, senior & veterans are and what are the ages.
  • Race Admins having the ability to remove users from any of the bookings.
  • Race Admins can change the status of the drivers that have booked from either paid, booked or withdrawn.
  • Users can alter their own information on their account, such as BRCA number, address etc.

  • Back-end elements such as security on the main server where the website is hosted and transferred all data that is being currently stored to a different alternative server for the database.
  • SSL has been applied to all areas of the website that either required login services or database usage, this is powered and hosted by Cloudflare, Inc.

  • Users have the ability to pay with either stripe or PayPal, this system will be automatically generated based on the fee specified by the race organiser
  • Ability to limit on how many people can book into an event (specified by the creator).
  • User have the ability to remove themselves from the bookings.

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