Small introduction on what rcracecontrol is and what does it provide to users.
rcRaceControl is a universal Radio Control Race Entry Management system & website, which provides drivers and race admins to see who is booked into a race, open and close booking, create bookings and much more. The website also has the functionality to automatically exporting the right files so you can bring it into your BBKLiveTiming software. As for booking you'll need to register as a user in order to do this, and add a car with your right information for it. rcRaceControl can be used with any Race Software that can import entry data in CSV or XML formats.
Race Admins have the ability to add and alter events that will be displayed on the website, they are manually assigned when they sign up and if you want to become an admin on the website, please email [email protected] Also as race admins you are able to view who has entered into the meeting and you will have the ability to remove users if they have either not paid.
Drivers have limited functionality when it comes to using the website, but you do have the ability to book into any of the meetings, events or championships that might be running on the website. You also have the ability to edit your personal information from your name to your address.
If you have any more questions or issues, please email [email protected]
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